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Van Sense

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designed to provide van and light commercial vehicle

Van-Sense is a scheme designed to provide van and light commercial vehicle operators of all sizes, with a more streamlined, cost-effective route to achieving industry 'best practice' standards of operation at a fraction of the cost, and with less formality than that offered by the Freight Transport Association's (FTA) Van Excellence scheme.

At the scheme’s core, is a comprehensive and compliant Code of Practice which covers the same operational standards as FTA’s Van Excellence, and draws on the proven elements of the operator licensing scheme for goods vehicles.  Using the Code of Practice as a road map for improvement, van operators can work towards recognition as industry leaders by achieving best practice objectives, certain in the knowledge that they are operating to nationally recognised standards.

To compliment the Code of Practice, we have developed a range of support systems and services available not only for those operators seeking certification, but to all van operators to ensure they are operating to nationally recognised best practice standards.

How does Van Sense benefit your business?

Achieving the standards laid down in the Van Sense Code of Practice requires enthusiasm and commitment, however once achieved, Van-Sense can provide benefits including:

  • improved corporate image
  • improved levels of safety, reducing the risk of collisions and breakdowns
  • increased efficiency by improving working practices and fuel efficiency
  • improvements in compliance, reducing the risk of penalties and fines

Operator Certification

The process of certification enables operators to promote their commitment to the compliant operation of light commercial vehicles and vans, that operators of heavier vehicles have been able to do so for decades.

Benefits of certification

  • Identifies your business as an industry leader that is compliant with current legislation and best practice
  • Reduces corporate and operational risk by raising standards
  • Achieves cost savings through adopting best practice procedures
  • Quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency as driver competence increases
  • Creates a competency brand that enables customer recognition

Successful operators benefits

  • Certificate of membership proving your commitment to maintaining industry best practice standards
  • Use of Van-Sense logos on your company paperwork and vehicles (costs apply)
  • Inclusion in the publicly available list of accredited Van-Sense operators
  • Access to light commercial vehicle and van specific training for managers and drivers
  • Provision of the Van-Sense Operators Guide
  • Free telephone and email advice and guidance from our expert team

Route to Certification

In order to create a level playing field, Van-Sense provides a two-stage accreditation process, the first being preparation and the second being accreditation.


To enable all operators to succeed during the accreditation process, we provide you with the audit standards and operational advice as set out in the Van-Sense standards guide. We will send you the Standards Guide once you have applied for your accreditation audit and be available to advise and support you during the preparation stage.  We want you to succeed!


In order to become an accredited member of Van-Sense, operators must pass an initial procedural audit, which must be carried out within three months of an operators application to join the scheme and is valid for one year. Confirmation of continuing accreditation audits will be notified at least eight weeks prior to the anniversary the previous audit to permit seamless for re-certification/membership.

Applicants who are successful during the initial audit process will receive a full audit report detailing the benefits you will now receive.

Code of Practice

Download the Van-Sense Code which sets out the current minimum ‘best practice’ standards required to ensure the safe operation of light commercial vehicle and van fleets, regardless of fleet size or industry sector. 


  • LCV/Van Drivers Certificate of Competence
  • Managing Van & Light Commercial Vehicle Operations

Van Products

  • Shop for van and light commercial vehicle products.
  • Telematics systems
  • Trackers 
  • Dash-cams
  • Tachograph analysis

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