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Transport Security

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On-Site and In-Transit Transport Security


Maximising profits means minimising loses and providing effective protection for logistics business’s is often a low priority or overlooked entirely.  By dividing your business into bite size, easily manageable sectors we can identify your strengths and weaknesses and suggest cost effective solutions to minimise the risk of loss through crime.

Fixed Assets – On site security needs to balance the need to provide legitimate access for personnel and vehicles whilst providing an effective deterrent to criminals.  The vast majority of businesses have a very different day and night business profile and your security solution should take this into account.  Physical perimeter security, controlled access points, CCTV, lighting, access management.

Vehicles – The theft of vehicles, vehicle parts and fuel whilst on, or off site.

Load Security – There’s no such thing as a low value load these days and most are vulnerable, particularly of carried on curtain side rigid’s or articulated trailers whilst parked overnight.  Hijacking is rare with only around half a dozen events recorded nationally each year, but this doesn’t mean it won’t happen and there is plenty that can be done to prepare and train drivers of high value loads.

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