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Peer Mentoring Programme

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Peer Mentoring Programme

Build on Your Knowledge & Improve Your Employability

Passing the Transport Manager’s Certificate of Professional Competence exams may seem like the pinnacle of achievement, but may aspiring transport managers will know that this is just the first step on a long journey towards becoming proficient in the role.

Then there’s the not so small matter of ‘experience’.  Many advertisements for transport manager roles require experience, but how can you get a job to gain experience when you have only recently qualified?

This is why we see so many newly qualified transport manager’s take on small operator’s who may be applying for their first operator’s licence, which is a totally inappropriate environment to continue the learning process and develop the skills to enable them to be a master of the art.

This is why we have developed our Transport Manager’s Peer Mentoring Programme, to provide newly qualified or inexperienced transport managers with the tools they require to develop their technical skills and abilities over an extended period and under the guidance of skilled and experienced mentors, who are highly respected within the industry.

Benefits of Peer Mentoring

Unlike some other mentoring programmes, our Peer Mentoring Programme is designed to work more like an apprenticeship under the direction of a subject matter expert.  So, what are the benefits for you?

Let’s deal with the obvious one first, if you are already employed as a transport manager, or delivering external TM services as a sole trader, you will be getting paid, whilst you learn.  Not having to take time off work is a major advantage whilst gaining invaluable experience and expert knowledge that will set you up for future career success.  Plus, you will be able to utilize issues and problems you come across in your day-today work as case studies, to enable you to provide accurate and timely advice and guidance to your clients.

Gain hands on experience

Since you will be working with an experienced industry professional, you will have the opportunity to expand your skillset and benefit from hands-on experience. Best of all, you will be able to learn from your colleagues on a daily basis and support your professional development.

Getting paid while you learn

The ability to develop your knowledge and skillset whilst providing a service to your clients, and getting paid, cannot be underestimated.  It effectively enables you to gain invaluable experience and expert knowledge that will set you up for future career success, whilst still putting bread on the table.

Benefit from support systems

Our Peer Mentoring Programme offers a much higher level of support than programmes, and your mentor will be there to help guide you through your career journey. They will give you the support you need to progress, whether that’s answering role-related questions or providing access to useful resources.

Improve your employability

In today’s professional world, many employers require a minimum level of experience when hiring new talent, and having experience gain via our Peer Mentorship Programme can help you tick that box. It will help you demonstrate your expertise to employers and improve your employability.

Join the Programme

For a limited period, we are reducing the fees for our Peer Mentoring Programme from the usual £95.00 to just £50.00 per month, plus VAT.   Even the regular monthly fees do not cover our costs in delivering the programme, but we feel that giving something back to the industry that has supported our business over many years is the right thing to do.

If you are interested in joining our Peer Mentoring Programme, either complete the contact form opposite, email us at of call us on 01543 54 50 50

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