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Goods Vehicle Operators Licences

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Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Applications

Applying for a goods vehicle operators licence can be daunting, not to mention expensive and time consuming if you do not provide the correct information or complete the application properly. We offer a stress free fixed fee application services covering all licence types to take the worry out of the process of navigating the complexities of goods vehicle licence applications.

Fixed Fee Application Packages

Our fixed price application Goods Vehicle Operators Licence packages cover all work from initial consultation and application preparation, right through to issue of your licence with no hidden costs.

Restricted Licence – Initial consultation & preparation of your application by an expert from £250.00

Standard National – Initial consultation & preparation of your application by an expert from £350.00
Standard International – Initial consultation & preparation of your application by an expert from £350.00

What happens once your licence is issued?

As a licensed goods vehicle operator you have certain legal obligations to manage and maintain your vehicles, drivers and the licence itself.  A resume of these legal obligations can be found at Section 16 ‘Undertakings and Declaration’ on the application form, along with the following warning:

“I understand that by signing the application I am accepting the undertakings below; that they will be recorded on the licence; that failure to comply with the conditions or undertakings recorded on the licence may result in the licence being revoked, suspended or curtailed; and that failure to comply with these conditions is also a criminal offence.”

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